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Spirit Airlines Change Name/Correction Policy

Spirit Airlines Change Name/Correction Policy – One of the greatest flaws of people is to make errors. We continue with the same approach in the aviation circle and provide the wrong flight details in the reservation form. A top highlight that happens frequently is an improper name.

We want to share some key ideas about Spirit Airlines’ name correction policy in this guide today. That is an important front to handle, and visitors will need to learn the most recent information for better implementation. The purpose of the blog is to describe this.

Also, a substantial amount of dialogue should be anticipated when calling the toll-free customer service line, which is +1-888-354-0246.

We are aware that in your haste to purchase aeroplane tickets, you may occasionally input a name that is misspelt. It is not as difficult as it seems. You can quickly change the name on the airline tickets by making a few clicks and taking the necessary actions.

Air travel is really comfortable thanks to Spirit Airlines. Bookings are simple to handle. You also have booked with Spirit Airlines, but the name of the passenger is spelled and printed incorrectly. The Spirit Airlines name-change policy will show you how to modify the name on tickets you have purchased from them.

Spirit Airlines Change Name Policy

Any passenger may modify their flight reservations at no charge within 24 hours of purchasing the tickets, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s guidelines. This included name corrections and flight changes, as well as flight cancellations.

The Change name Policy of Spirit Airlines also follows the regulation and after 24 hours of reservation, charges a fee for a name change on flight reservations from passengers. Any individual who purchases a non-transferable ticket is not permitted to board the aircraft unless they are one of the passengers for whom reservations were made.

Free name adjustments are available for flight reservations that require a minor name change, such as correcting a misspelt name. Included in this is the name change that will apply to the whole leg of the trip and not just a portion of it. Transferable tickets only let an additional passenger to board the aircraft if all appropriate procedures are followed at the airport.

Which modifications fall under the Spirit Flight Change Name policy?

  1. Misspelled passenger name: If a name needs a minor correction due to a spelling error, Spirit Airlines offers free name changes. Please get in touch with Spirit Airlines’ reservation offices at least seven days before the scheduled departure date.
  2. If your legal name has changed, you can ask Spirit for a free name change on reservations if this has happened. You must email Spirit’s Guest Relations Department at the address shown at with the specifics of your name change request, along with any supporting documentation. In the area provided at the bottom of the request form, you may attach the documents.
  3. To Correct the Passenger Information: Contact the Spirit Reservation Center at 1-801-401-2222 or by email at if you need to make any additional changes to the passenger information. Date of birth, contact information, gender, and passport information are among the modifications. The modifications can also ask you for the supporting paperwork for your claim.
  4. The following supporting papers must be submitted with Spirit Airlines bookings in order to alter a passenger’s name: a marriage licence, a court order, a divorce decree, and a legal name change paperwork.

How can I change name on spirit airlines?

The name that is listed in your Spirit Airlines account may occasionally be used by the airline to confirm your travel. Simply read the following points to update the name change on the Spirit Airlines account.

Follow these procedures to modify the name and other information on your flight reservations:

  • Use a web browser to visit the Spirit Airlines website.
  • On the homepage, click the “Manage my travel” link in the upper-right corner.
  • After making your choice, enter the confirmation number you were given for your flight reservation in the confirmation email you received from Spirit along with your name as it appears on your passport.
  • Find the forthcoming trips and click the ‘Edit Booking’ button that appears.
  • Fill out the updated and accurate information on the name change. Verify your decisions.
  • Spirit Airlines will upgrade its computer systems to reflect the name change.
  • You may check the new information by refreshing the page and returning to the website.

Offline Name Change for Spirit Airlines

Numerous people believe that digital activities are difficult and unsafe. Nevertheless, the airline does an excellent job of helping these travellers and makes use of certain conventional methods in the flight change policy. Applicants can look through the selection to select the best tool. This has to be mentioned:

Airport ticket windows and customer service phone numbers (1-888-354-0246)

As per Spirit, a name change fee

The name-change cost is not structured appropriately. The airlines have the right to charge $120 for changing an itinerary. Hence, calling Spirit Airlines Reservations looks like a wise move. In rare circumstances, the name change can be completed without having to pay the airlines’ name change cost. You must provide the documentation they require in order to comply with their request. In the event that you require advice, they will provide it.