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Terms and Conditions

Airtravopedia continuously strives to deliver the best services and maintains transparency with customers. Our commitment is to provide comfort and fulfill our claims. We have outlined terms and conditions that everyone must follow to when booking services with us. This helps in understanding how Airtravopedia operates and how everyone can contribute to making it even better.

We represent you when making a booking with the airline.

We help in making reservations offering numerous options, managing all orders on your behalf. We arrange and communicate with the airlines you choose when you make a purchase on our website. While we handle reservations and provide updates, we want to clarify that we do not take responsibility for any dissatisfaction with the staff or partner services. To illustrate, if you book a hotel or flight through our website, we initiate processing and keep you informed, but we are not liable for any loss or damage caused by the airline or hotel.

Always provide correct information.

To make a smooth processing of your order, it is important to provide accurate information when booking the service. Incorrect details can lead to issues during payment processing. Therefore, it is essential to consistently provide accurate information and double-check it. Using the information from your government-issued IDs or passports for booking travel itineraries is advisable to prevent mistakes or incidents such as booking denials from airlines.

Data Security: We focus on the privacy of our customers.

We focus on safeguarding any data you input on our website with the utmost care. When you decide to purchase services through our website, the system will request detailed information like your name, date of birth, phone number, email ID, and credit/debit card details to facilitate transactions. This information is solely used for service bookings, and we do not share it with any third party except for the partner you booked with and ourselves. Only our professional team is entrusted with processing your data.

As previously mentioned, we do disclose your data to public authorities when requested, and in such instances, the airline will not request you to share this data.

Make sure to go through this before planning your vacation with us.

We strongly advise you to thoroughly review each line before making any payment or placing an order for any service, as we cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages resulting from viruses or misleading code.

Alterations in Information or Conditions:

If we make updates or modifications to our website, it will not just impact the services; we will also keep you informed about these changes. We strive to notify customers about the latest deals and offers, so we encourage you to review them in advance before proceeding so you don’t miss out on the best opportunities.

When making reservations, remember to verify the accuracy of your name and other details. In case of any errors, feel free to reach out to the Airtravopedia booking desk immediately, and we will assist you.

Points to Remember

You can make changes by completely canceling your current ticket; however, altering names or modifying any information after making a reservation is not possible. Additionally, reserving a spot for someone else requires their authorization. It is essential to manage your passport and related travel documents as they are necessary throughout your journey. Refrain from sharing your customer ID and password with anyone, and avoid engaging in any activities that may disrupt the travel website. Airtravopedia reserves the right to remove your information if it is causing inconvenience to other users. We appreciate hearing your feedback on our services; positive feedback helps attract more customers, while negative feedback aids in improving our services.

For example, please be aware that may contain links to external sites. However, we will not take responsibility for any purchases you make on those specific websites.

Terms Regarding Payment and Additional Fees

Each airline has its own policies regarding charging passengers. If an airline charges you extra for baggage or any other service, please contact the airline directly. As mentioned earlier, we are not responsible for any additional fees charged by services you access through our website. It is advisable to communicate with the specific partner and inquire about the reasons for the charges. Arriving at the airport at least 3 hours before departure is recommended, as some flights may not offer refunds for no-shows. If you encounter any issues while booking a ticket, reach out to us via phone or email. We will address and resolve the issue promptly, and if there are no problems, we will send your ticket as soon as possible.