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Qatar Airways Ticket Name Change Policy

Under the terms and conditions outlined below, Qatar Airlines accepts name changes resulting from marriage, among other circumstances, as well as name corrections due to spelling mistakes and mistakes.

The Qatar Airlines name-change policy reads as follows:

  • Name corrections are slight changes when a passenger’s name or title was misspelt or had a piece cut out. Corrections to the name, first name, middle name, family name (surname), or passenger type codes are a few examples (PTC). 
  • A name change is when the passenger’s first name, middle name, and/or family name are completely changed (surname). Only those who have officially changed their names are permitted to have their names altered. Only flights operated by Qatar Airways, codeshare or interline flights, and/or customers with reservations made using a 157 stock/plate are subject to such modifications..

When issuing a ticket, the name should be corrected or changed.

Following are allowed name changes under Qatar Airlines policy:

  • Qatar Airlines or a travel agency may make a maximum of three character corrections to a passenger’s first and middle names. All modifications to the title, first, and middle name count towards the three characters, not three characters for each.
  • The addition, deletion, or modification of the date of birth (DOB) or personal tracking code (PTC) can be handled by your booking provider, such as a travel agency or Qatar Airlines, and is not counted towards the allotted three characters.
  • You must contact a Qatar Airlines office for assistance with name changes that are longer than 3 characters or changes to your family name (surname).
  • Every request for a name change that involves a formal modification of a person’s title, first name, middle name, or family name (surname) needs to be accompanied by legal proof.

After issuing a ticket, name changes or corrections may be made.

Following are permitted name changes under Qatar Airlines policy:

  • You must contact a Qatar Airlines online or offline for help if you wish to seek a name correction, add, delete, or amend a ticketed infant’s name booked only on a Qatar Airways operated aircraft.
  • If your title, first name, middle name, or family name (surname) have all undergone a legal change, you must present Qatar Airlines with proof of the change in writing.

For support with name change please give us a call at +1 (888) 354-0246