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Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy & Fees

Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy: Consider that you have made an online trip reservation and are seeking for critical support to manage your journey so that you may change the name on an Alaska Airline ticket. In such situation, you’ll need to have some basic knowledge of the flight change rules so you can promptly modif the name on your Alaska Airlines tickets.

It has been suggested that you pay nothing if you modify your flight reservation online within 24 hours of the departure time of your trip. Yet, if a crisis strikes and you have passed the 24-hour mark, you must pay some reasonable fees and modify your Alaska Airlines flight reservation as soon as possible.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy

Logging into your account on the Alaska Airlines website will allow you to easily modify the names of the people on your flight tickets.

Do the following steps:

  • To access your account, visit Alaska Airlines’ website or call +1 888-354-0246.
  • Choose “Manage my booking” from the menu.
  • To gain access, provide the passenger’s name and flight ticket number from the ticket.
  • Choose the change ticket from the dashboard at this point.
  • Change/Correct the name of the passenger on the plane ticket, then save it.
  • After the conclusion of the task, simply click the proceed button to receive the notice of the name change on your mobile device.

How to Change Name on Alaska Airline ticket?

If you still have questions about whether it is feasible to change the name on an Alaska Airlines ticket, it is important to read the name change policy, which gives you instructions on when to finish the name change work. When you want to correct the passenger’s name on Alaska Airlines, you shouldn’t be concerned with the change name. You may change the name on an Alaska Airlines airline ticket by keeping in mind a few key criteria.

  •  You must click on the edit button, input the new name, and click the confirm button if you need to update the passenger’s entire name and are seeking for help.
  • With a new, fresh airline booking, you may easily alter the passenger’s name in its entirety. This happens with a new name and happens with a new ticket.
  •  You must spend $135 to change your name on an Alaska Airlines ticket if you want to do it less than 24 hours before the flight’s departure.
  • When changing a passenger’s middle or last name, you must present your password in order to alter your name within 24 hours without incurring any name-change fees.

Alaska Airlines Name Change Fee

In general, you need to have the necessary information for the Alaska Airlines name change fee when you need to alter the name on an airline ticket. You must pay $150 per person to alter the name on an Alaska Airlines flight ticket when you check in for a flight that is confirmed to depart on the same day. Also, you may view the varying change fees that depend on the kind of flight travel, route, and destination appropriately if you want to alter your name on local or foreign flights.