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Lufthansa Ticket Name Correction Policy

In accordance with aircraft industry regulations, commuters must have a same name on their ticket, passport, and other pertinent papers. If the name on the ticket is inaccurate, you are traveling in violation of the regulations. Taking a flight with Lufthansa? Looking to change a name on your Lufthansa tickets? This manual aims to provide comprehensive details on Lufthansa Airlines’ name-change policy. To obtain items in the proper format, you must adhere to the rules outlined in the policy.

 Why Is the Wrong Name on the Airline Booking Needed to be Corrected?

Lufthansa Name Correction Policy

Air passengers are expected to adhere to aviation regulations and follow safety procedures. To get fair pricing and secure travel arrangements, one must exercise extreme caution when it comes to all potential customers. Among other things, you should give careful consideration to having the ideal name on the ticket. Its characters must match those on the official ID and passport. If not, it can jeopardize your vacation, and your reservation might be canceled as a result.

  • If the name on the ticket does not match the name on the passport, the passenger cannot continue as a genuine traveler.
  • Your name must be on the ticket with correctly spelt characters.

When a person attempts to board an aircraft with an inaccurate spelling of their name on the reservation, they are flagrantly violating aviation laws and regulations.

  • If you don’t change the name within the allotted period, the airline may cancel your reservation.

What does Lufthansa’s name-correction policy entail?

Is the spelling of your name wrong on your Lufthansa Airlines ticket? Fortunately, contestants can change their names on their tickets using the carrier’s specific name correction policy. Now for the main event: Lufthansa Airlines gives customers the option to modify or update the name shown on their ticket. The name on the ticket must match exactly what is shown on the official identification document. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention when making the reservation to ensure that names are entered accurately.

In general, Lufthansa only permits one name adjustment per traveler. It is definitely forbidden to transfer a ticket into another traveler’s name. Additionally, names can be changed or corrected if they have changed as a result of marriage, divorce, gender reassignment, etc.

After obtaining verification of the traveler, the Lufthansa Group Agency Support enters the picture. If the true name is typed incorrectly, the traveler’s name might be changed. The following situations are permitted name corrections by Lufthansa Airlines:

The first, second, and third names may each have up to two letters changed.

The only changes you are permitted to make to the ticket/PNR are to the nickname and the name, which are both allowed to be changed in reverse order.

The following circumstances prevent passengers from making corrections:

  • In the first, second, and third names, Lufthansa does not tolerate changes of more than two letters.
  • The first, second, or third name may be added or removed by travelers.
  • A similar restriction prohibits changing the second family name.
  • In the event of incorrect entry, MR/MRS/MS or other titles like Dr. or Prof. cannot be changed, deleted, added, or exchanged.
  • A different individual cannot take the place of the traveling passenger. A new ticket has to be purchased if a second passenger is wanted.

What are the procedures for changing a name with Lufthansa Airlines?

You may be wondering how to correct a name that appears on a Lufthansa Airlines ticket. The airline offers passengers a number of options and methods to change their names. Lufthansa, like many other airlines, allows customers to alter the name through offline or online procedures. Let’s look at it.

Online Name Correction for Lufthansa Airlines

Corrections may be submitted electronically using websites for the German airline. After entering in with their booking credentials, users may visit the official website to modify their name. If you run into any difficulties when making name changes, just call +1-888-354-0246.

The following are some of the stages that are involved in the digital process:

  • Go to the carrier’s official website.
  • The ‘Manage Booking’ multipurpose tab is now available.

Furthermore, the booking number and family name must be entered in the fields that appear.

  • When you click the ‘Get Flights’ button, a list of reservations is obtained.
  • Choose the booking for which you wish to change a name.
  • After that, if you qualify, you will need to pay the service cost.
  • Finally, the airline will send a confirmation email to the customer.

If you run into any problems when using web technologies, call the customer care help line at 1-888-354-0246.

Offline Name Correction for Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa prepares for offline alternatives to assist travellers who are unfamiliar with web technology. You may reach the airline representatives by calling +1-866-939-0429 to continue. The airline employees will ask you for the passenger’s last name and your booking reference number.

You may also go to the closest airport’s ticket office or kiosk. Don’t forget to bring the official ID with you for identification verification.

Fee for changing a name on Lufthansa Airlines

For changing the names of the passengers, Lufthansa imposes specific fees. To learn more about the cost schedule and additional charges, visitors must read the Lufthansa name correction policy.

The main place to learn more about it is the official website. You may also get the most recent information on fees for name changes by calling the customer care line at (+1-888-354-0246).

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